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Webinars from China Telecom (Europe)

With our expertise in China and APAC region and in connectivity technology, we run digital events throughout the year to keep everyone informed.

Rethinking Retail: How to delivery what customers want?

Conducted in English
With special guest from Alibaba Cloud

In Europe, retail businesses are adapting to restrictions in their warehouses and stores. Customers all over the world are changing how they behave and taking their work, social lives and shopping online. Can your business deliver what customers want now? Our recent Rethinking Retail webinar shared insights into the current market to help you rethink your retail strategy. Learn from the past. Understand the present. Invest in your future.

During the webinar, we shared some best practice solutions from China Telecom (Europe) Ltd. to adapt your retail business for what customers want now.

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Rethinking Retail

Lessons from China for retailers: recovery, growth and digital transformation for retailers

Conducted in French
With special guest from the Economist Intelligence Unit

China offers enormous potential for French retailers. Hundreds of millions of consumers are willing to spend money on cars, electronics, clothes, luxury goods, wine and more. In addition, digital transformation continues to drive the retail market as a response to the health crisis of today. To be successful in China means looking at your digital distribution channels rather than simply just setting up new retail stores in China.

In this webinar, you’ll get an overview of what lessons can be learned from China including what’s happened with Covid-19 and the multifaceted digital frameworks and connectivity that you’ll need to know to compete successfully in the Chinese market.

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Lessons from China for retailers

The China Advantage: Stable, secure, flexible connectivity for your clients

Conducted in English

China continues to develop as the largest single economy. Are you or the businesses you work with looking to China and the rest of the APAC region for growth? Whether you are expanding your presence in APAC region or taking your first steps into China, China Telecom (Eruope) Ltd. can support you. We have the connectivity solutions that you’ll need to succeed in the region today and into the future.

During this webinar, our speakers share insight about China, challenges that can arise and then go over solutions that you can use to overcome them. We also highlight a few case studies of how we have done it in the past.

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The China Advantage

Connect with China: Overcome your challenges, with support in your own language

Conducted in Russian

China, the world’s largest single marketplace, offers huge opportunities for businesses in Russia & CIS countries. To succeed, your clients need reliable telecoms and technology to reach Chinese consumers and businesses.

In this webinar, you’ll hear how our team from China Telecom (Russia) in Moscow and Vladivostok can help you and your business. You’ll learn about how to overcome common challenges including Internet congestion and high round trip delay (RTD). And learn about the solutions we have to offer as your one-stop-shop to connect with China.

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Connect with China

Cloud Call Centre: flexible expansion, rapid deployment and easy to use for any enterprise

Conducted in Chinese (Mandarin)

With businesses operating in unprecedented times, it is important for you to stay flexible in your operations. How do you keep your Call Centre open during this time is something many businesses are looking to tackle.

This webinar focuses on the challenges of businesses with cross border operations between Europe and China when it comes to customer contact. To overcome these challenges, we introduce our tailored solution for creating a Cloud Call Centre that is flexible, fast to setup and easy to use for your teams. We also covered successful case studies for our solutions.

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Cloud Call Centre